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Vilanova Construction


    At the Raia-Maina Junction, a mere 5 kms from the heart of Margao, a convenient location with a spectacular view of Green fields & the River Sal are just a few of the perks that come with making "RAIKAR RESIDENCY" your home.
  • PAPILLON, Varca

    PAPILLON, Varca

    Located just 1.5 kms from the beach “PAPILLON” is a gracefully designed building housing 16 Compact Studio Apartments. Each unit having top-of-the-line building specifications has been planned with a passion to make every vacation of yours in Goa a romantic experience.

About Us

Vilanova Constructions
[ Laying the foundation stone for Papillon Apartments ]

We are a responsible home building company located in South Goa. Our housing projects are now South Goa’s Residential landmarks, earning us at VILANOVA, a reputation for aesthetics, utility, dependability, and value-for-money deliverables.

The Vilanova Vision Statement is simple: “Homes, not houses”.

The Vilanova Mission is just as plain: “Doing all it takes to make a Prospective Home-Owner’s most cherished dream a Reality”.


How we do it
Astute Promoters with years of building experience, unerring choice of home locations, designs as beautiful as utilitarian, uncompromising construction standards, classy specifications, thoughtful amenities, astonishing add-ons, timely hand-overs, and listening to customers, all leading to a basket full of home-buying advantages. The Vilanova Way!


The Vilanova Values:
1. The VILANOVA home buyer deserves RESPECT.
2. We at VILANOVA do as we say;
3. Ethics drives the VILANOVIANS;
4. We make each customer’s every rupee go a longer way.
5. VILANOVA is passionate about residential refuges. We rejoice in planning, designing, building, selling and maintaining them.
6. We at VILANOVA strive in bringing to each home the stamp of our experience, expertise and excellence.